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How To Make Flavorful And Easy Grilled Shrimp Foil Packets

How To Make Flavorful And Easy Grilled Shrimp Foil Packets
Posted at 8:30 AM, Jul 20, 2022

Grilled shrimp is the perfect summer dish. Light, flavorful, and so versatile, grilled shrimp is a crowd-pleaser that can work as an appetizer, a side dish, or even as an entree.

And if you haven’t tried making shrimp in foil packets yet, you are missing out! Using a foil packet for shrimp is an effective, simple way to cook your shrimp to perfection, with little to no cleanup required.

You simply put your ingredients inside a packet fashioned from aluminum foil and heat. The foil holds heat inside, keeping your food from drying out while cooking it evenly. When making a grilled shrimp foil packet, you can use your oven, a grill, or even a campfire.

This recipe for grilled shrimp foil packets from Delish is easily cooked on the grill (or in the oven) for just 15-20 minutes. Pink, juicy shrimp is seasoned with olive oil and Old Bay seasoning and then brightened up with fresh parsley and lemon juice. This shrimp foil packet also includes andouille sausage, corn on the cob and red potatoes.

But the best thing about these foil packets is that you can easily modify each one to suit your family’s palette and your dietary needs. So, if you are on a keto diet or you are a pescatarian, you can customize your shrimp foil packet however you like.


Counting carbs? You can try this keto grilled shrimp packet from Noshtastic. Filled with zucchini, crisp and colorful bell peppers and sunny cherry tomatoes, this is a summer dinner that will please the whole family. You can cook it on the grill or in your oven. Bake it at 400 degrees for 15 minutes or until the shrimp is cooked and the veggies are roasted to your liking.

Craving Cajun? You will love this recipe from Well Plated by Erin Clarke. It calls for Cajun-style sausage (turkey or pork) as well as zucchini, baby potatoes, Cajun seasoning and Old Bay seasoning.

If you are ever making seafood and don’t have Old Baby seasoning on hand, don’t fret. You can make Old Bay seasoning at home with smoked paprika, red pepper flakes, allspice, ground mustard, cinnamon, cloves and a few other pantry staples that you may already have. Check out this recipe for homemade Old Bay seasoning from Daring Gourmet here.

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