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How To Freeze An Avocado For A Perfectly Creamy Smoothie

How To Freeze An Avocado For A Perfectly Creamy Smoothie
Posted at 12:55 PM, Jun 23, 2020

Avocados are one of my favorite foods, and yet, I rarely buy them. Not only can they be pricey but, despite not being ripe at the store, they somehow magically overripen by the time I try to eat them. There may, however, be a solution to the “Is it worth buying avocados?” dilemma — freeze them!

That’s right. Instead of tossing all those avocados that have suddenly gone brown and soft, you can freeze them at the exact moment they turn ripe in order to preserve them for future use.

While I typically only buy avocados when they’re on sale, I’ve been using them in my smoothies for years by simply cutting them into chunks, spreading them on parchment paper, letting them freeze and then putting them in a Ziploc bag or freezer container. Another option, if you don’t want chunks, is to just peel the avocado, cut it in half and toss the pit. You can also puree the avocado before putting it in a bag or container if you plan to let it thaw before use.

Below, you can see how my avocados look fresh out of the freezer. The chunks you see below make up an entire large avocado. I let them freeze overnight before putting them in a bag, but they’re usually pretty frozen in about three hours.

Kaitlin Gates

If you’re worried about the avocado turning brown, don’t be. Once it’s frozen, it stays exactly the same as it was before you froze it. Once you thaw it, it may turn brown. But if you’re using it while still frozen, you don’t need to worry.

Like everything else, however, there’s a catch — frozen avocado is not exactly identical to fresh. The texture simply isn’t the same and actually seems a bit rubbery. And while you won’t even be able to tell the difference when it’s blended in a smoothie — and you could probably get away with it in guacamole if you’re desperate — you can’t simply eat frozen slices or spread it on toast.

Well, you could, but take it from someone who’s tried — you might not like it very much.

If all of this sounds like too much work, you can take an even easier route and buy avocados that are already frozen at your local grocery store.


So what makes frozen avocados so great for smoothies? Not only does freezing them make the smoothie colder in the same way that frozen fruit does, but it also makes them thick and creamy, giving them more of a milkshake consistency.

Avocados are also incredibly healthy and a great way to start your day. Full of good fats, which help your body absorb nutrients, they are also full of fiber and can help you feel fuller faster and for longer. That can help aid in weight loss or simply tide you over until lunch.


If you do need avocado for something where freezing just won’t work — or if you’d simply rather eat an avocado fresh — take a look at this guide for how to pick a ripe avocado. And here’s a trick that will ripen an avocado in about 10 minutes if you don’t have one that’s ready to eat.

Will you give frozen avocados a try?

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