Should you download IOS 13? Here's what we know

Posted at 2:09 PM, Sep 26, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-26 14:09:29-04

Apple was supposed to have a big month, launching its new line of iPhone 11s and IOS 13.

Instead, bugs have bogged down the IOS launch, causing a rush for Apple to deliver IOS 13.1 on Tuesday.

This week, Apple warned that there are still security issues for IOS 13 users who install certain keyboard apps such as Microsoft’s Swiftkey, or Google’s Gboard — giving access to people’s phones that “can result in keyboard extensions being granted full access even if you haven’t approved this access.”

That said, there’s some solid additions that come along with the new IOS that can make older phones dating back to the iPhone 6s work better.

Among the biggest hits from users online:

  • Longer Battery life: The new IOS 13 tracks your phone usage and battery levels to optimize how much it charges your phone. Why does that matter? Overcharging your phone to 100 percent can cause the battery to die sooner, meaning the new IOS 13 can prolong the life of your phone’s battery.
  • Silence unknown callers: This is a feature that those who appreciate some peace and quiet will likely get behind. The new IOS allows users to silence unknown phone numbers. This is optional for those that would rather get all their phone calls.
  • Finding a lost iPhone: Find My iPhone has been around for a long time, but if your phone doesn’t have WIFI or cellular service, you’re out of luck. The latest upgrade allows Bluetooth to emit a signal which gives you a better chance at finding your phone if another nearby phone picks up its signal.