GRPD releases new documents related to deadly shooting of Patrick Lyoya

Patrick Lyoya cell phone video of shooting
Posted at 5:05 PM, Apr 29, 2022

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — The Grand Rapids Police Department released new documents related to the deadly shooting of Patrick Lyoya.

The documents, obtained by a FOX 17 via a Freedom of Information Act request, include audio of the police calls from the morning of April 4 when Lyoya was shot in the back of the head by GRPD Officer Chris Schurr after a traffic stop and struggle, as well as the incident report, forensic report and dispatch report.

The dispatch report, also known as a CAD report, gives a clearer timeline of the events that occurred.

The initial call came in at 8:11 a.m. that Officer Schurr was initiating a traffic stop on a tan Altima.

At 8:13 a.m. Schurr notifies dispatch that the suspect was running.

Three minutes later, Schurr reports that there was a shooting, and a suspect is down.

Medical and backup officers arrive and around 8:21 CPR is in progress.

Twenty minutes later, CPR ended.

Here’s the full CAD Event Report:

CAD Report_Redacted Connor Smith by WXMI on Scribd

GRPD also released the incident report for the deadly shooting, which includes statements from other responding officers.

In one of the reports, a witness told a responding officer, “Your officer, he did all the right s***.”

Another witness reported to an officer that Lyoya took Officer Schurr’s taser.

An officer who interviewed the passenger in Lyoya’s vehicle said in their report, “The subject's slow responses to my commands, lack of any verbal responses, and general lethargic demeanor made be believe he may have been under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance.”

You can read the full incident report including statements from responding officers and witnesses here:

Incident Report 22-018456_Redacted Connor Smith by WXMI on Scribd

A use of force report was also shared with FOX 17. While heavily redacted, it mirrors details seen in the video of the incident released by GRPD earlier this month.

The report confirms the use of a firearm, Taser, and strikes dealt by the hand and knee.

Read the use of force report here:

UOF Report_Redacted Connor Smith by WXMI on Scribd

GRPD provided a forensic report, which describes forensic procedures conducted and photographs that were taken at the scene.

The report says photographs show Officer Schurr’s Taser holster was empty.

The report also states various items were swabbed for potential touch DNA. Items tested include Schurr’s belt, holster, radio, gun and more.

Schurr’s magazine was also examined for a round count, according to the report.

After Schurr’s uniform was turned over to CST, the report describes contents that had been on the officer’s person at the time, such as a tourniquet and face mask in the right front pants pocket, gloves in the left front pocket, Narcan and a rubber band.

The forensic report ends with a complete list of all items that were handed over to Michigan State Police.

Read the forensic report here:

ForensicReport 22 018456_Redacted Connor Smith by WXMI on Scribd

Lastly, GRPD released the dispatch audio from the morning of Monday, April 4.

Listen to the full dispatch audio here:

Dispatch audio from Patrick Lyoya shooting

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