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Tips and tricks to lower your car insurance rate in Michigan

Posted at 9:17 AM, Nov 25, 2020

Right now, families all over America are working to save money during these difficult times, and one way they are looking to save is on car insurance.

“If you keep looking around you can find places that offer different type of discounts for who you are as a person," Consolidated Agencies President Shane Henry said. “I would highly suggest people look around, if you want to online shop great if you want to call around also great I would do both of them.”

According to Henry, it might be better to shop through a local agent since they can better personalize your coverage, but online shopping might be beneficial for newer drivers.

“The only person I would suggest that would shop online is if you are younger and don’t have as many assets to protect,"

There are a variety of discounts drivers can take advantage of, including discounts for new drivers in your family, and how you pay.

“As something as simple as insuring your home and auto together or how you pay your policy, or how you pay your policy, if you pay it in full will it be cheaper or you pay it monthly our of a checking account it can be cheaper," he said.

You can also take advantage in Michigan's new auto insurance law.

“Michigan auto reform isn’t a discount it is a significant drop in coverage," he said.

If you do take advantage, it will decrease your coverage for personal injury protection, also known as PIP.

Henry says the process requires a bit of paperwork and can take time.

“If you do want to take advantage of the discounts available for Michigan auto reform give it several days to process the paperwork," he said.

However, there are some savings attached. According to Henry, you can save 30-50% on average depending on what type of coverage you opt for.

Henry said if you do shop online, be aware that some agencies might not fully understand the Michigan auto insurance law like a local agent would.