You Can Buy A Floating Beer Pong Pool Float At Sam’s Club

Posted at 10:03 PM, Jun 09, 2019
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Shopping at Sam’s Club is sure to get you in the summertime spirit and ready to enjoy some much-needed time outdoors. The retailer is stocked up with giant pool floats and more for the season, and you won’t want to miss out on all of the summer supplies they’ve got to offer.

This floating beer pong table, for example, is sure to take your summer up a notch, considering you won’t have to leave the pool to show all your friends why you’re the longstanding beer pong champ.

The Floatation IQ Hydrapong table is built to last, and you won’t ever have to worry about it deflating, thanks to the fact that it’s built out of durable foam. It comes with slots for 10 cups on each end and four ping-pong balls.

It’s available at Sam’s Club for $57.98.

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If you’d like something a little more portable and practical in terms of storage, there’s definitely more than one way to get your pool pong on!

Sam’s Club is also selling a floating bluetooth speaker that comes equipped to house 10 cups and includes a ping-pong ball with purchase.

With something like this on hand, you’ll have music, fun and games all in one place. It’s available for $99.88 at Sam’s Club.

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Amazon also has some great options for games you can play without ever leaving the water.

You’ll find a beer pong table that doubles as a float you can use when it’s time to kick back and relax for just$25.05 on Amazon.

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You can also find stations that enable you to play everything from table tennis to cards while enjoying some time in the pool.

This foam-based table tennis station is sure to help you have an extra bit of fun this summer season. It’s available for $53.99 on Amazon.

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If games that you can play while lounging are more your speed, check out this Swimline Game Station Set that comes equipped with two floating seats and waterproof playing cards. It’s available for $37.44 on Amazon.

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Be sure to stock up on products that will make pool season even more enjoyable — just in time for it to get scorching hot outside.

Who’s ready for a little extra fun in the sun?

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