3 Tips to Live for Less While Traveling the World

Posted at 1:08 PM, Oct 17, 2017

Freelance journalist Stephanie Lee quit her day job to travel the world, but instead of spending more, she actually saved money. How did she manage to do this? By ditching her expensive lease and renting on Airbnb instead. Of course there's a lot more that goes with this so she's sharing three tips with Kristina Guerrero.

1.  Booking Based on Needs, Not Wants

Instead of looking for plush and beautiful places Stephanie books places with reliable internet and other basic essentials. She says you can find your own discounts by searching in areas that aren't prime tourist destinations.

2.  Booking Hacks

She discovered you could actually book for weeks or months at a time and some places actually offered a monthly discount. Those discounts are usually under each listings price and some can reach almost 50 percent. Stephanie's plan was to stay within her monthly budget just like she would at home.

3.  Negotiate

When you book places through Airbnb you have the opportunity to contact the host. They are trying to make some extra side cash most of the time so you can sometimes talk down the price of the rental. Just be sure to be reasonable and you can save that hard earned cash.

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