See the first trailer for the next movie in the 'Men In Black' series

Posted at 10:36 PM, Dec 24, 2018

The Men in Black are back. The series that launched in the ’90s and starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones is getting reimagined in 2019, but without the original agents.

This film follows “ Men in Black ,” “Men in Black II” and “Men in Black 3,” which came out in 2012. So unlike the “Avengers” series , it’s been a few years since moviegoers had “Men in Black” on the brain. But Sony’s come up with a way to remind you that though the alien-fighting agency has adapted and changed over the years, it hasn’t gone anywhere.

The first trailer for the upcoming film, “Men in Black International,” was released on Dec. 20. This time around, Smith and Jones won’t be the main stars of the movie, though there are nods to the actors here and there.

“MIB: International” stars Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson, who first appeared on-screen together in “ Thor: Ragnarok .” Just as they did in the Marvel franchise, Hemsworth and Thompson make quite the unexpected pair, but it doesn’t keep them from working well together to fight aliens — and make ordinary humans forget that they saw them.

Sony’s description of the upcoming film notes that the Men in Black are fighting a new global threat: a mole in the organization. Here’s the trailer: