2018 Holiday Gift Guide - StarLink: Battle for Atlas

Posted at 8:18 AM, Dec 19, 2018

WSYM — Drew Bennett from Benspark Family Adventures and a part of the 2019 Toy Insider Parents joins FOX 47 News to share some thoughts on a very popular video game this holiday season. Starlink, the Battle for Atlas.

Starlink, the Battle for Atlas. is a toys to life video game. A few years ago toys to life games were all the rage. Whether it was the Skylanders video game series, LEGO Dimensions or others, you had an opportunity to collect figures that you could then use as a part of the game itself.

Starlink is a brand new Toys to Life game from Ubisoft where you take spaceships and you use the spaceships along with specific pilots that you put onto a special controller for your gaming system.

You can play the game with your Nintendo Switch itself, but the magic of the game comes alive when you use the special ship that is provided to you with the game.

When you use the special controller you will pick a pilot to use and a ship to use for the game itself. The ships themselves are found at different stores such as Target and Gamestop and depending on where you go you will find ships that are being sold exclusively at those stores.

The fun of this game is that when you attach the ship to your controller you have the actual ship that you are flying in the game at your fingertips. You see the ship in front of you and you control the ship in the game.

You can even take wings off of other ships and trun your spaceship into a brand new spaceship. You can also add more wings and make your ship look and feel completely crazy.

You get to fly in space, explore planets and more.

There is an adventure component in the game. You are powering up the weapons within the game as well to be able to make the ship even stronger.

If you have a second controller you can even play the game with a friend in co-op mode.

Overall, this is a lot of fun to play. Ships will run you about $25 a piece and sometimes you can even get them on sale for better prices.

The pilots cost about $8. You can purchase weapons in 2 packs and they are about $9 a piece.

In all, the starter pack will cost about $75. You will want to purchase some other ships, weapons and characters so in all you will be paying about $300 for everything.

This may seem high but watch for sales!

Some of the Starlink Toys Include:

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