10 Songs that are Turning 10 Years Old in 2016

Posted: 11:23 AM, Jan 15, 2016
Updated: 2016-01-15 18:04:07Z

Can you believe these songs are turning 10 this year? Now we feel old! Here are our top 10 songs that were released in 2006. 


1. "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake featuring Timbaland 

The song was released on July 18th. The song won Best Dancing Recording and the 2077 Grammy Awards and Favorite R&B song at the People's Choice Awards. 

2. "What Hurts the Most" by Rascal Flatts

The song as written by Jeffery Steele and Steve Robson. It was originally recorded by country artist Mark Willis in 2003 and Rascal Flatts covered it in 2006. 

3. "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter

This song was the number 1 song on Billboard's Year-End Hot 100 singles of 2006. 

4. "Hips Don't Lie" by Shakira featuring Wyclef Jean

The song was released on February 28 and reached number 1 in 55 countries.

5. "Teardrops on my Guitar" by Taylor Swift 

"Teardrops on my Guitar" was the second single of Taylor Swift debut album. It's crazy to think her career started 10 years ago! 

6. "Who Says You Can't Go Home" by Bon Jovi featuring Jennifer Nettles

The song was released on January 30th, but was frequently used during the 2008 Presidential Election at events supporting the Republican Party. 

7. "Waiting on the World to Change" by John Mayer

It won the Grammy award for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance 

8. "Crazy" Gnarls Barkley 

Rolling Stone named the it the best song of 2006.

9. "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera

The song debuted on June 6th as part of her Back to Basics album. It won a Grammy for Best Female Pop Vocal Performance in 2007.

10. "Fergalicious" by Fergie featuring 

The single was released in October 23rd from Fergie's debut album, The Dutchess