Elise Cleary

Elise is a communication specialist for a large organization and has worked in the online content and publication space for over a decade. She runs TheCherryLife.com and is passionate about connecting families to things to do in Northern Michigan, especially encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for children. She is a Michigan native and attended Michigan Technological University, although she prefers the snow in Traverse City with her husband and two young girls these days.

1.Your key to success is?
I look at success as the finish line to a marathon. It's a process that takes refining and practicing. It requires faith and listening to your intuition. The marathon of publishing content isn't just up to me. I'm only successful because of the people who are part of the journey with me. The parents and organizations who submit events and ideas are part of the success. Everyone who shares the content is part of the success. Ultimately, I'm successful when my passion and job that I love helps others.

2.What do you love most about your work?
I love connecting people with the information they need to make life easier, whether this is through filling in the missing pieces or enlightening them to new opportunities for their family.

3. Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
You will not always win the race or please everyone. Have faith that what you are experiencing will help you grow and look for the trail of growth along the way.

4. What motivates you?
Knowing each choice I make holds power to encourage or discourage others. Saying hello to someone, giving my kids an extra hug, as long how someone is doing - these little moments make a huge impact. Finding what I'm passionate about and aligning it with constant little moments that help encourage families is motivating! Publishing content is one way to do this and it shows me the many ways I can still learn and grow. I'm motivated by opportunities to create, learn, and grow.

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