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A Corgi Pulled Another Corgi On A Corgi Pool Float—and It Was Captured On Video

Posted at 1:31 PM, Jul 03, 2019

If you need your daily dose of cute, look no further than this simply adorable video of one corgi pulling another corgi on a corgi-shaped pool float.

There’s just something so precious about corgis and their stumpy legs and pointy ears. So when you put two of them together, and add in a pool float that also looks like a corgi, the adorableness is almost too much to handle.

It was posted to Instagram by the account @samcorgi, which documents the adventures of these beloved dogs. The account has more than 47,000 followers now:

“Corgo fitness pool program,” reads the caption.

Aww! I love watching their little legs paddle, and I could honestly watch this video every day for the rest of the summer, and never get bored. They’re just endlessly entertaining!

Here are some more images of these cute Corgis enjoying the water. I mean, they’re totally looking at the camera here:

This isn’t the only aquatic fun these pups have gotten into. Check out this guy with his short little legs as he bounds into a lake to fetch a ball:

Over on YouTube, these corgis had a full-on pool party, complete with a water slide:

Wow! They sure look like they’re having the time of their lives.

These pups also manage to have tons of fun while on dry land. Here is one corgi enjoying a birthday with lots of yummy treats:

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– Happy B-day Sasha😘💖💖 . 벌써 9살 이라닛 (이미 생일은 이틀 지났지만😅) 사람으로 치면 환갑이니깐 ì–´ë¥´ì‹ í•œí…Œ ê³ ìš´ 한복 êº¼ë‚´ìž…í˜€ë“œë ¤ì¬¬ 단체사진을 계획했으나 생일 케이크에서 넘나 맛있는 냄새 대íë°œì´ë¼ 피의 ê°œì‹¸ì›€ë‚ ê¹Œë´ 멀찍이 ë–¨ì–´ëœ¨ë ¤ë†“ë€¨~♡ 9살 생일파티는 펜션 에서 ë¶ˆíƒœì› ë“œì•—ðŸ¤— . #Sasha #corgi #corgistagram #welshcorgi #instacorgi #корги #コーギー #柯基 #코기 #웰시코기 #í”Œë ˆì´ë…íŽœì…˜

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After all that activity, sometimes they just need to chill out:

Or, you know, impersonate stuffed animals, as corgis do, because they look like super-cute plushes themselves:

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– ì´ë ‡ê²Œ 귀엽긔 있긔없긔😍😍😍 핵커엽!!!! 박스부터 귀엽더니 내용물은 더 귀여웡 #세서미풉백파우치 는 구멍꼬매서 ë™ì „ì§€ê°‘ìœ¼ë¡œ ì“°ê³ ì‹¶ëµðŸ’— 똥츄비닐은 어찌나 보들보들 ê³ ê¸‰ì§„ì§€ 쓰기가 아깝쟈냥~ . #ì„¸ì„œë¯¸í”Œë ˆì´í‚¤íŠ¸ #ë² ì´ì»¨ë°•ìŠ¤ #Baconbox #Corgi #Welshcorgi #Dogstagram #Corgination #sesamestreet #코기 #웰시코기 #корги #コーギー #柯基

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How sweet!

If Instagram is not enough to get your corgi fix, try to make it to the next Corgi Con —  a convention where more than 1,000 dogs from the breed romped together on a California beach.

Nor Cal Corgi Con/Facebook

It’s called the NorCal Corgi Con, and it most recently took place on June 15 on Ocean Beach in San Francisco. The fifth annual Con took over the beach with an impossibly cute number of corgis.

Some, like Paisley at @famouscorgi, enjoyed the day while showing off that adorably fluffy backside that Corgis are known for:

The day-long event included a corgi costume contest, corgi races, a corgi “Ninja Warrior” contest, and, of course, a group photo of all the corgis. Here’s an image from @lexie_da_corgi’s Instagram showing some of the pups running together.

A Corgi dressed as a shark? Sign me up.

Corgis are so perfect, aren’t they? Give us a high five, puppy!

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