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Christmas Gifts For Anyone On Your List

Christmas Gifts For Anyone On Your List
Posted at 6:10 PM, Nov 18, 2022

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With so many online and in-store options these days, holiday shopping has never been easier. But there’s one sticking point that never goes away — the folks who are just hard to shop for.

Whether it’s a workplace Secret Santa or an inscrutable family member, they can really throw off your efficient shopping schemes. But fear not: We’ve put together a list of Christmas gifts that could please just about anyone.

Except maybe The Grinch. You know what he’s like. Read on!

Black+Decker Dustbuster AdvancedClean cordless handheld vacuum, $59


The Dustbuster’s proud history of easy cleanups continues. The latest version cleans smaller messes from multiple surfaces — pet hair on the couch, a sprinkling of crumbs on the carpet, bits of debris in the car interior. The clear container shows you when it’s getting full, so you can empty and continue on the cleaning quest. Amazon customer Frank, in a 5-star review titled “best hand vac ever!”, writes, “I will use this gem until it dies. I love it!”

Tablo and Antenna TV Bundle , $99.95


In the market for Christmas gifts that last for years to come? How about watching TV for free from any room or device in your home? This limited-time Tablo and antenna bundle turns your TV into your own private streaming service by using your home’s Wi-Fi to broadcast over-the-air programming to any smart device (TV, tablet, or phone) within range of your Wi-Fi. And just like traditional subscription TV services, you can record live shows on Tablo to watch later at your leisure but 100% for free (no monthly contracts, annual subscriptions, etc). Jump over to, to get this special bundle deal while supplies last.

UGG Dakota slippers, $99.95


OK, this is a personal endorsement: I own these slippers, and I love them dearly. Every year, as temperatures plummet, I’m frantically digging these out of the closet. I wear them at home, almost continuously, from November to April. They’re softer than a dream inside, but the rugged outer sole is just right for running to the mailbox or letting the dog out. Do you know someone who likes to keep their feet warm? They will thank you for this Christmas gift.

Barefoot Dreams unisex adult CozyChic robe, $115

Barefoot Dreams

As long as we’re talking cozy: A Barefoot Dreams bathrobe is the tip-top of luxury in hygge season. Made of lightweight, super soft polyester, the robe drapes the wearer in cuddly goodness. It’s not cheap, but it’ll be worth it for the smiles when your loved one gets a taste of the snuggly softness. Pair this with the UGG slippers above and you won’t want to leave home until springtime.

Qubii USB-A external photo storage, $49.99


Give the gift of photo backup with this compact, easy-to-use storage drive. The Qubii automatically backs up your pics each time you plug in to charge your phone or iPad. It remembers where it left off after each charge, too, so you don’t end up with duplicates of everything. Add up to 2 terabytes of storage with a MicroSD card, as well. The pictured brick is Apple-compatible; the Qubii Duo works with Android devices.

ALLCAMP wine tote bag with cooler compartment, $26.99


You don’t need to be a wine drinker to appreciate this handy picnic set. The insulated tote carries two wine bottles or a few beverage cans with ease — an adjustable strap allows you to throw it over your shoulder and go. The kit also includes napkins — handy for opening Champagne — a corkscrew and two plastic wine glasses. There’s a bottle stopper, too, so you can take home what you don’t drink. Very civilized!

Jorbest tortilla blanket, $25.99


Have you ever gotten yourself all tucked in nice and cozy and thought to yourself, “I’m like a little burrito”? Share that feeling — for real — with a lucky person on your list. This circular blanket is printed with tasty charred spots, just like an edible tortilla, and is big enough to wrap up an adult. Kids may end up being more of a taquito. Sure, it’s jokey, but we’re trying to have fun this holiday season, right?

Ecolution Micro-Pop 3-quart microwave popcorn popper, $19.99


Shake up movie night with a new way to make microwave popcorn. The Micro-Pop cooks fluffy popcorn without the waste of disposable popcorn bags — the heat-safe borosilicate glass can be used again and again. The nifty topper does double duty as a measuring cup and butter-melting container. The Micro-Pop comes in seven fun colors, too, and all the parts are dishwasher safe.

Cotopaxi Bataan Del Dia fanny pack, $30


These stylish, 3-liter day packs are great for busy days, leisurely hikes or just for getting around when you’ve got stuff to carry. Each bag is made of repurposed ripstop nylon and sewn together in unique combinations — no two bags are the same. The interior features mesh compartments, too, so your items are easy to spot at a glance. And if your intended recipient isn’t loving the fanny pack style, the adjustable strap allows the bag to be carried cross-body or over-the-shoulder.

Philips Wake-Up Light, $49.97


Turn off your phone’s alarm clock forever and go back to basics — kind of — with this snazzy new alarm clock. The clock gently glows brighter and brighter, like the sunrise, as your wake-up time approaches. The alarm sound gradually gets louder over time, too, instead of startling you awake. (And of course, the clock also has a snooze button.) Side bonus: The alarm works as a bedside lamp before you drift off at night.

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