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Christmas Chex Mix Is A Festive Take On Traditional Trail Mix

Christmas Chex Mix Is A Festive Take On Traditional Trail Mix
Posted at 9:20 AM, Nov 29, 2021

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‘Tis the season for snacks! With so much holiday planning and partying the next few weeks, it’s good to have some easy bites hanging around. Chex Mix is an all-time fave, but did you know there’s a holiday-ready, sweet-and-salty version?

Jared and Amy at Savvy Saving Couple shared the recipe for Christmas Chex Mix, and not only does it sound mighty tasty, it looks lovely, too. Bonus: It’s super easy to customize to fit your family’s tastes.

The first step, of course, is to choose your Chex. The bloggers recommend using Rice Chex for this recipe because of its neutral flavor, but you can use whichever Chex you like.

rice chex christmas chex

Mix the Chex with a healthy dose of pretzels — the Savvy Saving Couple used cute, holiday-shaped pretzels by Utz.

With the savory part completed, it’s time to get the sweetness going. For this version, the Couple chose snowy-white, vanilla-flavored candy melts, but chocolate chips would probably work fine, too. The main thing to worry about is melting them — gently.

This recipe uses the microwave to slowly warm the candy. You’re going to want to follow Savvy Saving Couple’s exact technique to create the perfect creamy consistency.

Savvy Saving Couple

Once that’s done, it’s time for the fun part: Dump the melted sweets over the Chex and pretzels, then use a spoon to make sure all the crunchy bits get coated.

The comes more fun: decoration! Red and green sprinkles everywhere! Plus holiday-colored M&M’s!

Jared and Amy chose red, peppermint-flavored M&M’s, which their kids loved — but the grownups recommend plain or peanut M&M’s. Choose your own adventure!

Savvy Saving Couple

Now it’s time to let the melted candy harden back up and bond all those yummy bits together. Break it apart and it’s ready to serve.

If somehow it doesn’t all get scarfed immediately, Christmas Chex Mix is easy to save in an airtight container for up to two weeks.

Click here to get the full amounts, technique and recipe from the Savvy Saving Couple.

Of course, you could also change up your Chex Mix in other ways. If you’re not quite ready to give up the pumpkin spice, you could create a Chex Mix with some favorite fall flavors like the one from Princess Pinky Girl. Or, enjoy a churro-like take from One Little Project At A Time that includes cinnamon and sugar. If you have some Disney fans in the house, take a cue from “Frozen” and make blue and white puppy chow from The It Mom.


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