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Buy Spicy Pickle-flavored Whiskey

Buy Spicy Pickle-flavored Whiskey
Posted at 8:00 AM, Dec 18, 2020

If it seems like you can pretty much get anything flavored like a pickle these days, you’re right. There’s everything from pickle popcorn to hummus and cheesecake — just to name a few.

Now, you can also add whiskey to the list, thanks to Missouri-based Holladay Distillery, which has created what they say is the world’s first spicy pickle-flavored whiskey. Holladay says Whicked Pickle, a dill pickle-flavored whiskey with a peppery heat, is best enjoyed as a shot, straight or chilled, but it can also be mixed into cocktails as a substitution for vodka or gin. You can also use it in a bloody mary, or as the distillery calls it, a Whicked Mary.

First introduced in test markets in three states, the brand is moving forward with a national launch beginning in January 2021, so you will soon be able to find it at a store near you. The 70-proof whiskey has 35% alcohol by volume. It is sold in a 750-ml bottle.

Holladay Distillery

If you’re a pickle fan, but whiskey isn’t your drink of choice, you can also buy dill pickle-flavored vodka and may want to try making a pickletini at home. The drink is similar to a dirty martini, but instead of olive juice, you use pickle juice. You can use regular vodka if you don’t want too much pickle flavor, or use the pickle vodka if you really like pickles.

You can also spruce up a cheap beer by adding a pickle, which actually does make it taste better — I tried it! The science behind the trick is pretty simple: Pickles compliment the lager because of the vinegar and salt notes that get picked up when you mix the two together.


You can also make other pickle-flavored treats at home, including popsicles and cupcakes, which not only have 1/4 cup of pickle juice in the batter, but also chopped pickles!

Are you a fan of pickles and pickled-flavored foods?

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