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You Can Now Buy A Scarf Designed To Look Like A Ridiculously Long CVS Receipt

Posted at 11:25 AM, Jan 16, 2020

CVS receipts are known for being absurdly long — a fact that has inspired a thousand memes and the disapproval of some people over how wasteful they are. Now, an Etsy seller has created a real-life meme in the form of a scarf that looks like one of those mile-long CVS receipts.

Take a look at Etsy seller StuffUhaveTheyWant’s bestselling CVS receipt scarf below. Not only is the scarf far more useful than an actual CVS receipt, it would also be a fun gag gift to give to a friend or co-worker who shops at CVS.


Retailing for $19.95, the scarf is handmade out of fleece and has received over 600 rave reviews, including praise from CVS employees themselves and their loved ones. One woman wrote that it was the ideal holiday gift to give to her husband, especially since he works at CVS:

“I found out about it less than a week before Christmas and paid for the express shipping. It arrived in plenty of time! The fabric is a bit thin for a scarf, but the printing quality is good. I ended up sewing some flannel to the back to bulk it up a bit. End result, it was a HIT! My husband loved it and can’t wait to show it to his co-workers,” she wrote in a review on the Etsy seller’s site.

Here’s another one, from the Etsy shop @ReceiptScarves. It costs $19 and is made from soft fleece. Like the first scarf, it’s designed more as a novelty item than warm winter wear, but will still be fun to show off!

Etsy | ReceiptScarves

Scarves are not the only CVS receipt-themed clothing items you can find on Etsy, either. There’s also this $19.99 necktie from Etsy seller SuitableTies. The listing notes that you can customize the tie with the recipient’s name and address. Be aware that the barcodes and other details on this tie are generic, so you won’t be able to use the coupons on the tie at CVS — as hilarious as it would be to try.


Would you wear either of these CVS receipt-themed fashion accessories or give them as a gift?


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