Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman

Bob Hoffman is living his dream! Bob is a community leader, motivational speaker, media expert and consistent goal achiever! He is active on several boards and organizations that have a similar purpose, to make the world a better place.

Bob says, “The simple act of doing something kind for someone else creates a vortex of positive energy.” He developed the Pass it Forward initiative called ePIFanynow™ that helps to show people they have the power to transform their lives through random acts of kindness.

At age 8, Bob realized his dream was to tell stories; good stories. His hero is New York Times best-selling author and television journalist, Bob Dotson. “Growing up, I couldn’t wait to watch ‘The American Story with Bob Dotson’ on the NBC Today show. Bob Dotson captivated me and solidified my love of story-telling.”

Bob has been actively setting and achieving his life goals. Along the way, he has learned valuable lessons and is ready to share them through his interactive, motivational leadership workshops. Bob will make you smile, laugh, and give insight into ways you can turn what is negative and make it positive. Bob believes you are what you think. Think good thoughts!

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