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8 Cheap Kitchen Tools To Help You Eat More Fruits and Veggies

8 Cheap Kitchen Tools To Help You Eat More Fruits and Veggies
Posted at 9:30 AM, Jan 04, 2023

We’re all aware of the benefits of eating ample amounts of produce. A diet rich in various fruits and vegetables can reduce your risk of numerous ailments, from cancer and heart disease to eye and digestive issues. But getting enough of them in every day can be challenging.

Gadgets that make it easy and fun to munch on farm-grown goods can help you eat four to five servings daily. From the best apple slicer to the best oil sprayer, learn why we think these eight tools are tops for supporting your healthy eating goals.

Salad Spinner

Leafy greens are loaded with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. You can use them in salads, wraps, stir fry dishes and more.


Using a salad spinner to soak, rinse and dry your lettuce, spinach and other greens is a simple way to have them readily available whenever you need them. You can also use them to clean other produce, like broccoli or berries.

Cleaning Brush

Organic or not, cleaning produce is essential to keeping you and your family safe from germs and bacteria that could make you seriously ill.


A produce brush that thoroughly scrubs fruits and veggies helps ensure food safety in your home. Look for one that is ergonomically shaped to fit your hand comfortably. In addition, a dishwasher-safe brush provides more protection against germs because you can disinfect it in the dishwasher on a regular basis.


After cleaning fruits and vegetables, you might also want to peel the outer layer of the skin. A comfortable, efficient peeler makes light work of this task.


Peelers can also slice fruit and veggies into ribbons, make garnishes, slice off the woody outer layer of broccoli stems and more.


Multi-functional tools that slice, dice, shred and perform other everyday cutting tasks save time and space in your kitchen. In addition, you can use them to prepare several days’ worth of fruits and veggies in numerous forms.


When you come home from the grocery store or farmer’s market, you can clean all of your produce and start slicing. Julienne carrots and celery to “hide” in other dishes, slice cucumbers and bell peppers for snacking, dice tomatoes for salads and prep whatever else you want to enjoy.


Although they may be best known for making zucchini noodles, aka zoodles, you can use a spiralizer for other veggies like carrots, beets and sweet potatoes.


Your spiralized veggies can be used to replace or supplement traditional noodles. They can also make fun additions to soups, salads and countless other dishes.

Apple Slicer

Sliced apples are enjoyable for kids and adults, whether alongside something for dipping (think: peanut butter or caramel) or on their own.


The best apple slicers will divide a piece of fruit into several equal slices and remove the core. You can also use them for other fruits and veggies, such as peaches, pears, tomatoes or potatoes.

Oil Sprayer

Even picky eaters may dive into a plate of savory roasted vegetables. But you don’t want to diminish the healthfulness of the meal by dousing the veggies in oil. You also may want to avoid using aerosol cooking spray, which may have questionable ingredients.


Instead, consider using an oil sprayer. The best oil sprayers allow you to use pure ingredients like extra virgin olive oil or avocado oil. You have control over how much oil you add, as well.

Microwave Steamer

On a busy weeknight, you need something you can put on the table quickly. Even if you are serving hot dogs or frozen pizza, you can add some veggies to your plates in a hurry.


A lidded microwaveable steamer bowl lets you toss some fresh or frozen vegetables and water in the mic for a nutritious side dish that only takes minutes.

By adding a few useful tools to your kitchen, you’ll be eating more fruits and vegetables in no time.

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