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7 ways to make yourself feel young again

7 ways to make yourself feel young again
Posted at 6:30 AM, Nov 30, 2022

Aging is a privilege denied to many, but as a person grows up and grows older, trying to hold on to feeling young can be beneficial.

Studies have shown that people who say they feel younger have fewer signs of brain aging, and those with a positive view on aging are physically and mentally quicker than their pessimistic peers.

Acting your age may have a time and place, but carving out some carefree, fun, lighthearted moments now and then might benefit your overall health. These simple suggestions could help you feel like a kid again.

Ride (or Scoot) Around the Neighborhood

Pedaling a bike or riding a scooter down the street on a sunny day has numerous benefits, like cardiovascular fitness and stronger bones and muscles. You can decide if a bike or scooter is best for you. Adult scooters can be a fun and affordable alternative.


Cycling can help boost your mood and let you feel the breeze on your skin, and the best adult scooters are lightweight and portable. Either way, you’ll enjoy a childlike feeling when you go for a ride.

Make Time for Creativity

Parents and teachers often entertain children by encouraging them to engage their natural artistic abilities. As a child, you may have spent many hours content with coloring, modeling with clay or building with blocks. Allow yourself the freedom to be creative again as an adult, especially if you have a job that doesn’t push that part of your mind.


Studies have shown that creativity can improve overall health and prevent cognitive decline. So, pick up a coloring book and some colored pencils, treat yourself to a painting class or try out a new recipe.

Hit the Playground

As a kid, recess was probably one of the highlights of your day. While we don’t get a mandated recess period anymore, play is just as good for grownups as it is for kids. It can boost relaxation, improve brain function and increase energy.


How long has it been since you whooshed down a slide or tried to touch the clouds with your toes on a swing? Next time you’re at the park, get reacquainted with your favorite playground equipment instead of just watching your kids play.

Make a Mess

When we grow up, we are usually the ones cleaning up all the messes. But getting your hands dirty or acting a little careless can be very freeing.


Try some messy play every season. For example, jump in fall leaves, play in winter snow, make mudpies in the spring and walk barefoot in the yard during summer. Give yourself permission to enjoy a little chaos and sensory fun.

Hop, Skip and Jump

If you’re a fan of “Friends,” you likely remember the one where Phoebe shows Rachel her jogging style. It’s totally awkward and attention-grabbing. But, when Rachel finally tries it, she realizes it’s also great fun.


Walking and running are excellent ways to stay fit. But mix it up every now and again. Remember how fun it was to skip? Or maybe hopscotch was your thing. It might be even more enjoyable than you recall.

Sing and Dance

Young children do what they enjoy without considering the opinions of others. So, tap into your inner child and belt out a tune while making dinner or dance around the living room to your favorite song.


Dancing may reverse signs of aging in the brain. In addition, singing can relieve stress, boost your immune system, improve lung function and even reduce snoring. Plus, letting loose and having fun will bring out the kid in you.

Enjoy a Belly Laugh

Laughlines are a sign of getting older that some people try to hide or avoid. But laughter is something that kids understand the significance of, and adults should take note.


It turns out laughter really might be the best medicine. A good guffaw can help you destress, improve your mood and immune system, ease physical pain and help you feel more satisfied with life in general.

Look for the funny parts of life — trust us, they’re everywhere — and then share them with a friend.  Nothing will help you feel like a kid again more than giggling, snickering and snorting with your BFF.

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