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6 clever ways to use paper towels at home

6 clever ways to use paper towels at home
Posted at 1:40 PM, Oct 18, 2022

Messes are easier to cleanwhen you have the right tool. In the home, this can be a dish towel, rag or paper towel. Keep your best paper towels stored in the kitchen, so you can wipe up spills or messy microwaves or stovetops quickly and efficiently. They’re also great to stash in bathrooms to wipe down counters and sinks when sprayed with your favorite multi-use cleaning product.

But did you know there are several other ways you can use paper towels that don’t always involve cleaning? Here are a few of our favorite uses for around the house.


Make Frozen Bread Taste Better

If you plan to freeze a loaf of bread, toss a dry paper towel into the bag before popping it in the freezer. It will sop up any moisture as the bread thaws before you eat it, leaving you with a fresher-tasting loaf.

Quick-Fix Coffee Filter

If you notice you’ve run out of coffee filters, don’t worry, you can still get your fix! The best paper towels can act as a makeshift coffee filter to strain out grounds in a pinch.

Soften Brown Sugar


When brown sugar starts to harden, you can reconstitute it by placing it in a bowl and covering it with a damp paper towel. Microwave the bowl for 20 seconds and watch how your sugar returns to its soft, original texture.

Clean Fresh Corn

Run a dampened paper towel across the corn to pick up bits of silk from freshly husked ears.

Keep Produce Longer

Lining your refrigerator’s vegetable bins with a paper towel can help absorb moisture that causes fruits and vegetables to rot. It also makes cleaning the drawer easier.

Clean Grease On A Sewing Machine


Thread your sewing machine as usual and stitch a few lines on a paper towel before starting your next project to transfer any residual grease from previous projects.

How To Conserve Paper Towels

Being mindful of paper towel consumption is essential. Opting for select-a-size rolls and being intentional about how often you use them can help you reduce waste and added expense.

If your paper towels are only used lightly, you can try rinsing, wringing and letting them dry out. Some are durable enough to withstand a few drops of soap and several uses before tearing.

Keep in mind if you’ve used your paper towel to touch raw meat or clean up a pet accident, they should definitely be thrown away after each use.


Certain objects aren’t compatible with paper towels, like sharp objects that can tear them and render them useless. Keep paper towels away from electronic devices or eyeglasses and use a microfiber cloth instead. They have small, rough fibers in them that can scratch screens and lenses. They also don’t work well for cleaning mirrors or glass because they can leave bits of lint behind.

If you’ve bought paper towels before and felt underwhelmed by the quality, check out our favorite best paper towels chosen by a team of experts.

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