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The Polack Corporation

Posted at 9:52 AM, Nov 20, 2018
and last updated 2019-02-05 15:43:02-05

Since 1931 The Polack Corporation has held the distinction of being Mid-Michigan's oldest and most trusted office technology company.

For more than 86 years, our 4th generation, independent, family-owned business has provided clients with innovative business solutions to meet today's complex document workflow demands.

While most other office technology companies in Michigan have been bought out by big corporations or merged with others, there has been one constant in Mid-Michigan, one leader and one business you can trust will always be there for your business.

We simply know how to apply technology to solve business problems.

The Polack Corporation offers its clients the technology of the future and customer service of times gone by. At The Polack Corporation we understand that our success over the years is a direct by-product of our responsiveness and the personal attention we provide to our customers. Owner and President, John Polack Jr. believes that while clients want big company solutions, they also want a more personal level of service, at The Polack Corporation our clients have never been just a number they have been our partners. John's beliefs have earned the continued confidence of thousands of businesses in mid-Michigan and the trust of the people who have so much invested in running their businesses.

Discover why so many mid-Michigan businesses partner with The Polack Corporation, a partnership that has your businesses best interest at heart.

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