Emails Show Bill Schuette Asked State Employees to Perform Political Work on State Time

Lansing - A new report from the Detroit Free Press is exposing new emails that show Michigan Attorney General and potential FBI suspect Bill Schuette “asked more than a dozen state employees” to perform political work on state time and “offered state employees financial incentives to secure endorsements for then presidential candidate Jeb Bush.”
Bill Schuette has a troubling history of using his taxpayer-funded staff for personal politics and business. He has already been caught using state staff to help complete millions of dollars of personal property deals in the U.S. Virgin Islands. And the Detroit Free Press has previously reported that Schuette “loaded his taxpayer-funded office payroll with Republican campaign activists in the run-up to his 2018 campaign for governor.”
Earlier this month, a local prosecutor sent a complaint about Schuette’s misuse of taxpayer resources to the FBI, which even Governor Rick Snyder called “a serious matter.”
“These emails exposing Bill Schuette’s abuse of taxpayer funds are a smoking gun,” stated Michigan Democratic Party Chair Brandon Dillon. “Instead of looking out for working families, Bill Schuette has spent 8 years using the office of the Attorney General as a personal political and real estate shop. That’s corrupt and exactly why it’s time for his decades long political career to end in November.”