Renee Freeman: Making strides for Lansing community

Behind every great man, is an even greater woman.

This couldn't be more true for Renee Morgan Freeman, who moved to Lansing to work as the office manager for Representative Virg Bernero.

When Virg was elected as Mayor of Lansing, Renee stepped up and maintained the position as Mayor's Office Manager for the last 12 years. She's the gate keeper of the uppermost executive office in the city and works diligently to make strides for the people of Lansing. 

Freeman coordinates events for everyone to look forward to, including the Greater Lansing Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Commission and Silver Bells in the City.

Since 2002, Renee has stayed committed to making a difference through her efforts at Greater Lansing Area Club.

She has received several awards for her leadership and contributions to the community.

We salute you, Renee Morgan Freeman.

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