5 activities for a fun and enriching summer

11:03 AM, Apr 10, 2018
3:46 PM, Mar 15, 2020

Summer means more than sunshine and relaxation at Lansing Community College.

Whether you are looking for helpful tips to improve your favorite hobby, in search of fun and engaging summer activities for kids, or simply looking to enhance your summer, LCC has you covered.

Attend free theater productions outside

Enjoy the weather and catch a show at LCC’s Summer Stage Under the Stars. Visit LCC’s Downtown Campus June 20-24 for Treasure Island, a thrilling adaptation of Stevenson’s classic tale of pirate treasure, wild deeds and places on the Spanish Main. Come back July 24-27 for Dance Lansing, a cultural expression of hope and a celebration of human movement. Both events will be held at the outdoor amphitheater beginning at 7 p.m.

Take fun, non-academic summer classes

Adult enrichment at LCC offers immersive, challenging and fun courses. Students can master hobbies and elevate their passions by taking a course or two over the summer. Courses are taught by college-level instructors who ensure their classes are both informative and fun. Contact LCC’s Community Education department today for more information about adult enrichment opportunities.

Avoid summer learning loss for students

Being active over the summer is vitally important to kids, and LCC has a full plate of offerings that cater specifically to young students. LCC’s STEM-focused youth summer camps offer comprehensive academic instruction infused with fun. LCC’s Community Education department can guide all your youth program inquires; contact them today for more information.   




Sign up kids for youth sport camps

LCC also offers basketball and volleyball camps spanning four-and five-day sessions in June and July. These fun and challenging camps offer college-level instruction and great local exposure for young athletes who want to improve, compete and enjoy the game. Contact LCC’s Athletics Department today and help your kids find a way to play this summer.  

Enroll in summer academic courses

For those who are academic guests of the Lansing community, LCC offers excellent, highly transferable courses in most programs during the summer. Enroll at LCC today to complete undergraduate course requirements and start your fall semester free from stress.

LCC exists to serve you and your neighbors in our vibrant capital community. The summer is the perfect time to pick a new thing and learn everything about it. Contact LCC today and discover what kind of summer fun you have been missing.  

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