Food Network Casting in Lansing

CREATED Oct 9, 2013

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Calling all chefs and home cooks in the Lansing area---

The Food Network is looking for people who want to compete on the second season of "Food Court Wars".

Two-person teams will battle for space within one of Lansing's malls to open up their new cafe. The winner will get the space rent-free for an entire year, a prize worth up to $100,000.

HERE’S HOW TO APPLY: Send an email to:

Please include:

*Your name & the name of your teammate (Please submit teams of two)

*Recent photos of you & your teammate

*A short bio on you & your teammate

*The type of eatery and sample menu that you would like to open, and how it’s going to be locally inspired & original!

*Your contact information & current location