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Port Sanilac, Home Away From Home

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Growing up my grandparents lived right next to the high school my sister, myself and even my mother had attended, but some of the most cherished memories of mine were from going to their cottage in Port Sanilac. Port Sanilac is a small “village” about a half hour north of Port Huron and I still spend almost every summer weekend there. Years ago my grandparents neighbor had passed away and they were putting the house up for sale so my parents, as well as my aunt and uncle, seized the opportunity and bought the house. The house was smaller than my college house here at MSU and on a typical weekend, between our two families, we have at least 8 dogs, let alone the friends and family that love coming up. My roommate Jake and myself were actually the only people to have slept in the original house before it was knocked down and built into the house it is now; we brought sleeping bags, a tv and all the usual amenities of an abandoned house for our little next-door slumber.
With my aunt and uncle having 4 sons, all the parents, and all 8 dogs on top of my sister and myself the house ended up being rather large, for lack of a better term, but this is the place I’ve spent 4th of July every year and some indescribable memories were made there. Even though our cottage boasts 7 rooms, one of which has 10 bed in it, the big weekends still have people overflowing into my grandma’s house next door. It’s almost assumed that each weekend throughout our lovely Michigan summers that people will be laying out drinking margaritas or kayaking in Lake Huron. My grandfather was the kind of man where he would ask you if you wanted to go to the hardware store “right quick,” but everybody knew that was impossible in this particular town. You can ride your bike down the street to get ice cream in the marina or to see the historic lighthouse and you won’t make it 10 feet without a kind neighbor waving or asking about your day.
Part of the precious appreciation for the small town of Port Sanilac, Michigan is the rich history that my mother’s side has there. The local hardware store, Raymond Hardware, was started by my great uncle, the marina restaurant, Uri’s Landing, is named after my great grandfather Uri Raymond and my great grandmother was actually born in the Raymond House Inn, a vintage bed and breakfast that is still open today! My parents just recently moved to Florida during the winters and have been juggling the thought of selling my childhood home and things of the sort, but it’s this depth of appreciation and love for such an amazing town is what makes me certain this house is here to stay.

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