Quality Dairy Celebrates Fat Tuesday

CREATED Mar 3, 2014

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Fat Tuesday only comes once a year--don't miss out!

Quality Diary Company, the Lansing-based neighborhood food store chain and bakery, announced that they again have Paczki available at all thirty-one locations. QD is offering 11 different varieties of Paczki this year. QD was the first bakery to bring Paczki to the Lansing area back in the late 1980's.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term, Paczki (pronounced "poonch-key") are the delicious, overstuffed, jelly or cream-filled dough balls that people of Polish origin traditionally serve to celebrate the arrival of Fat Tuesday, which is March 4th, or Mardi Gras--the day before Ash Wednesday.

Originally, Paczki were made for practical reasons. Knowing that the Lenten season was at hand, marking forty days of fasting, the Polish people would empty their pantries of all prohibited foods, particularly lard and eggs. Paczki were made so that these ingredients didn't go to waste during Lent. 

Quality Dairy produced more than 5,000 Paczki per hour at the peak of the season. The QD Bakery makes these delicious treats with special rich fillings only used during this time of the year. Paczki will be available at all thirty-one QD locations through March 5th. Prices are $.99 each, $4.99 per half dozen, and $8.99 per dozen. Large advance orders are welcome at all locations.