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Hoffa's Remains Thrown Away?

Posted Aug. 7, 2014

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One mystery that continues to fascinate people is the disappearance of former teamster boss Jimmy Hoffa.   People have been looking for his remains for years. Now, a bar in the old part of Cleveland could have a connection.

Twenty five years have passed, but Lou Gentile still wonders about what he really found inside the walls of Wexler's tavern on State Road in Old Brooklyn.  

"It was as white as my shirt." In 1988, while stringing electrical wiring through the walls to the basement, his partner made a startling discovery.

The very first bag that he found opened, that had split, I looked in and it had a hand in it." Seven football-size packages neatly wrapped in red butcher paper.  "These are human bones, and then all of the history of the place kind of came rushing to me that there might be some connection between Hoffa's death and some of the people that were around at the time."

Could there be a connection to the teamster leader who disappeared in 1975 whose body was never found? "I'm thinking we're going to be rich if this is Hoffa's bones. He called Cleveland police who told him to get rid of it.  "They said get whatever else is up there out, and sweep all of that stuff out and throw it away."  So Gentile says he took the officers advice and threw the bones away, for if the bones would be tested and the bar became a crime scene, he'd face losing thousands of dollars. "I just, i just made a business decision I guess you could say."

Then last March, the current owner decided to tear part of the wall looking for more bones and found an old matchbook from the Palm Desert Lodge in California. The tavern owner "I checked it out on the internet and ironically it said, 'the house that Jimmy Hoffa and the teamsters built. Unbelievable."

Whose bones were they?  The answer was thrown away, or just maybe, still lie within.
"In Old Brooklyn, Ohio, amazing."


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