Florida Woman Flips Off Judge - Sentenced to Jail

CREATED Feb 6, 2013

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Penelope Soto, an eighteen-year-old Florida woman, was in Miami Judge Jorge Rodriguez-Chomat's courtroom Monday, facing charges of drug possession for Xanax.

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat was preparing to release her on a $5,000 bond when the laughing young woman sarcastically said "Adios" before walking away from the bench.

The judge didn't appreciate her flippant attitude and increased her bail to $10,000.

"Are you serious?" Soto gasped, when she heard the sentence. Judge Rodriguez-Chomat affirmed that he was serious.

As the young woman walked away, she raised her middle finger, and directed an obscenity at the judge.

Judge Rodriguez-Chomat then called the girl back to face him one more time, where he immediately charged her with contempt of court, and sentenced her to 30 days in jail.


Watch what happens here: