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The X Factor: Top Six Perform Two Songs

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We're down to the Top 6 contestants on The X Factor, and in tonight's episode, they will sing two songs each: one unplugged song yet to be revealed, and a song chosen by the fans for their Pepsi Challenge performance.

Here's a rundown of what the fans chose for the Top 6. Watch tonight on FOX 47 from 8-10PM for all of the performances.


Carly Rose Sonenclar: "If I Were a Boy", Beyonce: "The fans are deciding everything from the costume to the hair to the makeup, so I'm not even sure yet what it's going to be like. I love this song and I think it's relatable to everybody. It's such an empowering song for girls. I've heard [from the fans] I should be in a white flowing dress with wind blowing in my hair. Then I've heard I should shave my head and look like a boy. I don't like suits on girls, at least for me, so I don't think I'll do that."

CeCe Frey: "Part of Me", Katy Perry: "I feel like the fans chose this song perfectly for me. They know the lyrical content of this song and knew it would mean something to me and it does. The judges give me a hard time every single week and the song says, 'this is the part of me that you're never gonna take away from me,' and that's how I feel. I'm gonna look right at Simon and L.A. and point to them, like, yes! We have an awesome set up for the song; it's free and fun and colorful. My fans wanted color so that's what they're getting. The leopard spots are back for sure!"

Diamond White: "Diamonds", Rihanna: "A lot of my fans have wanted me to sing this song. They've been tweeting me, 'You have to sing 'Diamonds!' so I'm glad I finally get to perform it for them. Last week I danced more and it was crazy and hectic onstage and that might of hurt my rankings. So this week, there are no dancers. I'm taking it back to being really simple and focusing on my voice because that's what works for me best. There could be a surprise happening, but I can't say."

Emblem3: "Forever Young", Alphaville: "I'm like eh. It's my least favorite song. There's a One Direction version of it and I feel like we already have enough trouble trying to separate ourselves from One Direction and this doesn't help," says Drew. "I like the song. I love the Jay-Z remix, but we don't want to be One Direction so I don't want people to compare us," says Wes. "It's hard when you can't do exactly what you want," says Keaton.

Fifth Harmony: "Give Your Heart a Break", Demi Lovato: "It feels weird rehearsing without Ally [who's in Texas with family following her grandfather's death]. "We feel incomplete," says Dinah Jane. "I think it could affect our performance, but we're not going to let it," says Lauren. "There's always extra nerves when you're singing the song in front of the person whose song it is, but we did 'Skyscraper' and it was a success so hopefully this one will be a success too," says Normani.

Tate Stevens: "If Tomorrow Never Comes", Garth Brooks: "I've been wanting to do a Garth Brooks song all season, so I'm really happy to get this one. This song is kind of special. I love the song. It's a ballad. It's a love song. No dancing tonight. It's fun that the fans have a say this week in what I'm wearing and staging. It's fun, but it's scary. One fan wants me to wear a mankini!"

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