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7 Days, 7 Trends: Crops & Cutouts

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Crops & Cutouts

7 Days, 7 Trends: Crops & Cutouts
Author: Leah Benoit


Show some skin this summer with cropped and cutout pieces! These aren't the same crops popularized by Britney and the bubblegum pop stars of the 90s - these styles are modern, sophisticated, and totally wearable.
Let loose, casual pieces become your new summer staples - pair with shorts and skirts for a look that is breezy and laid back. For a piece with a sexier fit (like a bustier), balance out your look with a bright maxi skirt or jeans. If you want to wear a fitted mini, try for one with a high waist - it'll still be short, but you'll look a bit more covered.
Experiment with cutout dresses for an unexpected (but appropriate!) twist on showing skin. Look for sundresses with intricate back and waist cutouts for a look that screams summer and will quickly become a new closet favorite. The trend is especially chic on maxi and body-hugging styles. Don't worry about loading up on accessories - the cutouts dress it up for you!
Shy about showing off? Keep your look a bit more modest by layering. Throw a cropped tee or tank over a fitted camisole or rock a cardigan on top. The trend is also popular in sweaters and long sleeved tops - there's no shortage of ways to wear it!

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