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Good Ole' Golf

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There are a number of sports that, some may agree, aren’t highly appreciated by people that haven’t partook in that specific sport or lack a familiarity to understand all the factors that come to play. To name a few, a lot of people find baseball to be boring when they don’t understand the necessary cohesiveness of everybody on the field and how each play can turn out wildly different than the last. Also, soccer gets a bad rep because people who haven’t played don’t appreciate how making a wall pass to a through ball or a cross builds up the play and almost always leads to a goal if executed properly and teamwork is maintained. Probably the sport that I have noticed getting passed by due to misconceptions would be golf. A lot of people would say golf is for old businesspeople or requires little skill, but that is hardly the case at all.
It stands without debate that being a competent golfer is a great tool in the business world considering the nature of the sport allowing its participants to engage in deeper discussion than in any other sport. In some ways, the nature of golf speaks to the character necessary to succeed as a businessman; golf is a game of patience and strategy that people lacking concentration will hardly go far with. A person’s ability to control their body and mind is crucial to the game of golf and not many people grow to appreciate the mental capacity it takes to play one shot at a time. Requiring the competency to understand the intended use of each club and maintaining a level head hole after hole makes golf a more difficult game than most consider and  leaves it as an underappreciated sports as a whole.

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