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Mophie Juice Pack Air

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In this day and age, I sometimes find myself rather fascinated by the extent to which people stay connected. It’s almost assumed that somebody should easily be able to reach you throughout the day, but one ongoing issue with smartphones is that the battery often times will die before the day is over. I have an iPhone and it seems like sometimes I never set it down, but I would always find myself telling my friends I’d talk to them later or promising my mother I would call her back when my phone was recharged.
The first practical solution I have found for an insufficient battery life is called the Mophie Juice Pack Air. Essentially, the Mophie is a battery that is attached to the charging port of your phone, but this specific model (along with the Juice Pack Plus) also serves as a protective case for my phone. The Juice Pack can provide you with more than 6 hour of extra battery life and comes in a variety of colors, I got white, but they even have a case that supports Project (RED).
Mophie’s ability to integrate a phone charging system into a full iPhone case is flawless. With the flick of a switch, the Juice Pack will be able to charge your phone’s battery back to 100%, but the bottom of the case also contains speaker cavities that allow the sound from your iPhone to resonate and create a deeper, richer sound right off your phone. One alteration I would make to the Mophie Juice Pack is having the charging port on the bottom of the iPhone continue to be available while the Mophie is in use, but this is made up for by being able to sync and charge your phone and Mophie at the same time with a separate USB cord (the bottom of the case actually has an LED charge indicator). I oftentimes find myself overwhelmed with buyers remorse, but when it comes to the Mophie Juice Pack Air, it’s perfect camera and speaker integration, on top of being a durable case makes it hard to deny it as a great product.

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