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Embroidery Floss Headbands

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Thanks to, I found an inexpensive way to make beautiful embroidery floss headbands! It took my friend and I around two hours to make these creations. I love how they turned out! These headbands are fun to wear and share!



I purchased these supplies at Michael’s Arts and Crafts store for under $8 and have enough material to make three headbands!




  • Craft Glue
  • Embroidery Floss (Two of each color to be on the safe side!)
  • Beads
  • Headbands (Plastic)


Start by gluing the embroidery floss to the inside of the headband and proceed to wrap the headband. My mistake was not being conscious of how much string I had left! Make sure to pull the string taunt and spread it evenly along the headband, don’t overlap the strands. Secure the string with craft glue at the other end when finished.



The next step is adding trim. Stands of pre-attached beads can be found near the ribbon section at any craft store (see white beads in supply picture). The pink beads shown on the blue headband were pre-stung glass beads, found in the beading section.

Attaching the beads is easier than it looks! Decide where you want the beads to start; right above the ear is a good place. Simply wrap the floss 2-4 times in between every bead (or every few beads). The floss holds the trim secure. I was getting low on embroidery floss and had to split it in half, which is why I would buy two packages of each color next time! When finished, glue the floss onto the inside of the headband to secure it. It’s that easy!

Even though it was a little time consuming, the headbands are easy and inexpensive! It’s a great craft to make with friends, since it does not require heavy concentration. These stylish headbands can also make great gifts!

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