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Capital Area Humane Society

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Looking for a pet can be an awesome experience, but one can be easily lost in the millions of listed puppies and kittens on the Internet these days. I had been discussing getting a dog with my girlfriend for a few months and just to tease ourselves we’d get our daily fill of puppies by wandering the web and not really seeing what we wanted, where we wanted. One day after getting out of class I got the genius idea to just search locally for a humane society if I want to get the ball rolling.
Upon finding the Capital Area Humane Society was only a few miles away, I began looking through what canine companions they had to offer. They offer almost any breed you can think of and are very good about updating their website listings. One pup in particular, Sweetpea was her name, caught my eye and I knew we had to pay her a visit.
Everybody was very friendly as they greeted you at the door and asked how they could help. They showed us the way to the kennels and that was the first time I saw the adorable little Sweetpea, wagging her tail in a puddle of her own urine, patiently awaiting attention. At that moment I knew that was the puppy we were getting. It seems more practical now, but because Sweetpea hadn’t had all her shots yet, they said we could only take her out of her cage if we were planning on adopting that day.
CAHS was very good about working with me on getting Sweetpea, now we call her Cali. There’s a logical technicality surrounding giving puppies to people under the age of 21; they said a lot of people just love getting a puppy, but a lot are just returned after college and they were trying to avoid that wherever possible. Being that I knew Sweetpea/Cali/the pup was undoubtedly the one for us, I followed my typical spontaneous ways and jumped to find the nearest ATM to get the money to take her home.
My parents have two dogs, a Jack Russell, and a Jack Russell/ Papillon mix. You could have bought two dogs from CAHS for the price of my parent’s one, yet they sent you home with a bag of food, an implanted tracking chip (upon request), and request you call about any issue you may have. Sweetpea turned out to be demonic and was quickly clawing and biting at us in the playpen, but I knew she could be trained.

The next day we got to watch in adoration as gumpy little Sweetpea waddled up to my car and into our lives. Cali (once Sweetpea) is now pushing around 45 pounds, knows how to sit, shake, lay, and stand on her hind legs; she comes when she’s called and has hardly any accidents inside the house. I’m rather picky about the things I buy and considering the lifespan of a dog, I knew it wasn’t just a spur of the moment sort of decision. I was convinced we were bound to get a dog anyway and when I made the leap to just go looking, the Capital Area Humane Society was invaluable in boosting my confidence through the process.


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