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Trek Through Town

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Sometimes I find myself on edge or not performing at my full potential after a prolonged period without physical activity. I was always active growing up, I ski, wakeboard, longboard, and even graduated high school with 11 varsity letters, but since before I could drive I was having problems with my knees, back and shoulder. In fact, within the past 5 years I’ve had both my left and right knees, my right shoulder, and my lower spine operated on and I currently have torn cartilage in my right knee and am awaiting surgery.
I used to be able to bench press more than I weigh and leg press more than double what I weigh and am still able to push out some pretty serious reps, but none of that iron pumping ever got my heart going like biking. The house I grew up in is sheltered from I-696 by a huge berm and at the end of that is a nice county park with trails and rivers; it was really quite the sight. I always used to ride my mountain bike through those trails, rain or shine, but had soon outgrown my childhood bike and just never got another until recently.
Less than 10 days ago I decided I’d make an investment toward my health and had always been driving by Velocipede Peddler in East Lansing so I decided to stop by and see what they had. As with any big ticket item I buy, there is extensive research beforehand, reading blogs and scrutinizing every aspect of a product. By the time I’d gone into the store I understood the benefits of a road bike versus a mountain bike and had even considered the new hybrids they’re coming out with. When it came down to it, East Lansing has some of the worst sidewalks I’ve ever seen and I wanted the option to ride trails in the future so I went with a mountain bike, the Trek 3500 to be exact.
While the green paint scheme of the bike didn’t hurt my will to purchase this specific model versus the lower one I was really caught by the better gear and brake components because a good bike will last forever! One of the best parts so far is this app on my iPhone called iMapMyRide that, once started, will track the exact route I go with Google Maps, documents my times, distance, calories burned, and even the elevation fluctuating throughout. It is with this free app that I know that within the past week I’ve rode my bike more than 30 miles! I’ve been into yoga since taking a high school class for it but I’ve never been able to stretch out as much as my aching body would like without working the muscles first. This amazing phone application even allows you to set goals, save previous routes, and share your trips on the popular social networking sites. Now I find myself excited to throw on some headphones and just ride until the pavement runs out; my next venture is going to be checking out the Northern Tier Trail in East Lansing, it’s advertised as a 12-mile paved trail and I’ve been looking for more area to cover considering my typical 15-mile “Trek.”

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