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Cupcake Jewelry

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Lolita Style
This past weekend I received a very unique ring and necklace for my birthday. Pink, sparkly, and over the top, Paradise Rose cupcake jewelry, which is pictured below, is unlike anything I own.  Though it is not everyday jewelry, it is definitely fun, vibrant, and well-made. A friend also informed me that this jewelry is use to accessorize a fashion-style called Lolita.

Lolita is a street fashion with it origin in 1980 Japan that spread globally and became popular in areas such as San Francisco and New York. The fashions are based on Rococo and Victorian clothing with bell-shaped skirts, bloomers, and even bonnets. There are many sub-styles of Lolita fashion; the above pictures can be categorized as Sweet Lolita. Each sub-style has a list of rules for certain dress styles, colors, and makeup that qualify it as a certain sub-style in Lolita fashion.

Japan has always been very fashion forward; hopefully this trend will continue to spread. Maybe one day I will own a Lolita styled dress, but for now I will be wearing my new cupcake jewelry!

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