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Although clearly a generational reference, the name “Woodstock” brings along with it many pictures of hipsters, hemp, and Hendrix. I grew up listening to the Police, Billy Joel, Tom Petty, and the likes, but as soon as I was capable of exploring what the music industry had to offer, I was hooked! I’m an avid listener of everything from REO Speedwagon to Eminem to Michael Jackson; just about everything, but most country songs are far too redundant (sorry ladies!). When considering the idea of a music festival, a lot of people shy away from the thought of sleeping in a tent, sharing a porta-potty, and bathing in the rain, but just last summer i was [easily] persuaded into attending LollaPalooza.

Last year was the 20th Anniversary of this gargantuan event that takes place in Grant Park right on the shores of Lake Michigan in Chicago. I figured there was no better time to go and this was an experience I was told just couldn’t be missed; I wasn’t lied to. Driving through downtown with little expectations of what was to come, I was in shock to witness the sheer scale of this event. It must have been an entire mile of Chicago roads closed down for this 3-day fest and it seemed as though everybody and their brother were dropping their plans to hit “Lolla.”
I went with one of my best friends, my roommate and his girlfriend; we all shared a room and actually got a great deal in a really nice hotel because they were segregating entire floors at a time for people attending the event. It’s hard to describe all the possibilities going through my head when we first glanced over the schedule; there was more than a half dozen venues with every band from Cage the Elephant to Coldplay and even Damian “Jr Gong” Marley made the trip, dreads in tow.
After a tedious weekend of rocking out I was able to walk away with a smile, knowing I had become a small part of music history; last year was a record-breaking year at Lolla with nearly 300,00 people in attendance! For the price of a few albums on iTunes you can enjoy Bob Marley’s son Jammin’ (no typos there) or the beats of Skrillex drop for 72 hours straight. If you’re into camping out and sleeping in the mud, this may not be the event for you, but I’m almost 100% confident in saying there isn’t a chance your “taste of music” won’t be present at LollaPalooza. Few quick last thoughts, DO NOT wear good shoes/ anything that can’t get wet and make sure you prowl the website ASAP if you’re actually interested; tickets are sold on random days for months prior to the event, the price goes up each time and the tickets are usually sold out within an hour. Keep on rockin’!

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