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New Girl: Jess and Mr. Fancyman

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New Girl continues to be one of the best new comedies on TV, and Tuesday night's Part 1 of two "Fancyman" episodes delivered the goods.

We loved seeing Dermot Mulroney as the father of one of Jess's students, and especially how Jess and Nick succumbed to the fancy flash of his lifestyle.

At the end of the episode, Jess accepted Russell Schiller's invitation to dinner, and I hope his character makes it longer on the series than Justin Long did.

New Girl continues to have some great one-liners, and this episode had plenty of them from Nick - especially when he and Jess were at Russell's house.

Part 2 of "Fancyman" will air Tuesday, March 27th at 9:00PM!

Here's a preview clip:


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