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Ultra-Chic Technology

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Super chic Ultrabooks have recently ventured into the market. Their light-weight and thin design allows them to easily fit in your favorite tote. The term “Ultrabook” was officially created by Intel, but has become the general category used to describe the new wave of slim laptops. Ultrabooks are great for consumers that like the convenience of tablets, but still prefer a larger screen with an actual keyboard.   

The market is very competitive with many brands offering fast processors and attractive designs. One brand that really caught my eye is Asus. Their tagline, “Do you believe in love at first site?” exactly describes my reaction to their new hot pink Zenbook. Not only is the Zenbook able to perform as well as the MacBook Air, but it comes in hot pink! Even the letters on the keyboard are pink, perfect for the ultra-girly consumer.  The only dilemma is that it has not been released in the US! Retailer Best Buy is carrying the Zenbook in silver and even though it’s not pink; it’s definitely worth checking out!

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