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Say Yes to FAGE Greek Yogurt

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Greek yogurt has grown in popularity over the last few years, and with good reason. Its thicker consistency makes for more satisfying breakfast additions and smoothies, and the protein power can't be ignored.

We have several favorite brands, including Chobani and Oikos (mostly because their commercials feature that yummy Greek, John Stamos), but perhaps our most favorite is FAGE.

The thick, creamy yogurt is delicious. While it comes in larger containers, we can't help but love the individual portions that come with an extra compartment, filled with add-ins like honey, blueberry, cherry, and more. It's sort of like 'fruit at the bottom' yogurt, but allows you to dip your spoon for just a touch of the add-in before getting a spoonful of yogurt.

FAGE with honey is our favorite, and at 190 calories, it makes for a healthier dessert replacement. Not to mention the fact that one serving has 12 grams of protein - about a quarter of the recommended daily amount.

Their website also features great user-submitted recipes, perfect for finding ways to include yogurt in an array of foods - we're dying to try the Caramelized Apple Brulee!


So get in touch with your Greek roots, even if you don't have any, and give Greek yogurt a try. We promise it'll be tough to go back to regular yogurt ever again.

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