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Musical Artist You Should Know but Don't: Teitur

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 "One and Only"

"I Was Just Thinking"


 "You're the Ocean"





"To Meet You"


I first heard about the Faroese singer-songwriter Teitur Lassen on iTunes almost 10 years ago, when they used to feature Celebrity Playlists (maybe they still do). Musical artists, actors, and other celebrities would compile a playlist of their favorite songs, oftentimes with little explanations about why a particular artist or song stuck out for them. Each of the songs were linked to the artist's iTunes page, where you could download the songs immediately.

John Mayer had a fabulous playlist, and it included a track from this guy named Teitur. In John's explanation for picking the song, he said it was the kind of song he began to listen to and instantly loved it. As a big fan, I thought a guy who made John Mayer have this type of reaction must be pretty darn good.

And Teitur's music does not disappoint. He's been a mainstay on CD mixes I've created for friends and for my husband while we were dating. I love the sweetly quiet and beautiful songs he creates, so wistful and sad and romantic.

Take a listen and see if you don't fall in love with his music. Teitur would make the perfect addition to that love mix you've been working on - or might work on in the future - for a special person.

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