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Really?! Twitter Reactions from The Grammys

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Hey, dopey Twitter users - this is Sir Paul McCartney. Google him.

After watching the Grammy Awards last night, I figured that much of the post-show talk would be about a few things - namely, Adele's big comeback performance following vocal chord surgery and her six big wins, Nicki Minaj just being Nicki, and of course what was done (and not done) in tribute to the late Whitney Houston.


However, a couple of things dismayed me following the Grammy Awards, and it was that made me a) completely enraged and b) depressed about society as we know it.


  1. Who is Paul McCartney?! So apparently when Sir Paul was on stage performing his new song "My Valentine", the music unelite took to Twitter to display their utter lack of musical knowledge - heck, LIFE KNOWLEDGE - by asking a question that should never be uttered unless you're three years old and don't know any better: "who is Paul McCartney?" Those four words make my skin crawl and entire body shudder. I don't care if you don't love The Beatles, if you don't have a favorite mop top man, if you've never listened to "Blackbird" in a dark room and thought about the meaning of life. I don't care. But it is inexcusable to be a member of society and not know who Paul McCartney is. I was born 15 years after The Beatles officially broke up, and yet I went through my Beatles awakening early in high school, when a lot of people have their Beatles Discovery phase. It's a rite of passage in a person's life. And since then, I've grown to love and appreciate mullet Paul McCartney from Wings, and Heather Mills-era brown dye job McCartney, and now the mellow and in-love McCartney of the 2010s. To be watching the Grammys and tweet your ignorance to the world about one of music's most prolific and important artists is just abismal. As a pop culture junkie, as a Paul lover and member of society, I cannot stand for it.

    And on a darker note...
  2. 25 Extremely Upsetting Reactions to Chris Brown at the Grammys. BuzzFeed also treated the world to a select collection of 25 of the most misguided, misinformed, and saddest girls on the planet: girls who each professed in their own way how they'd love to have Chris Brown beat them up. And one of the sad things about it is that there were probably hundreds more of them out there saying the same exact thing. Maybe it's because I'm in my mid-20s and have fan-girl moments about people like Tom Hanks (oh yeah, and PAUL MCCARTNEY), but I don't understand the appeal of Chris Brown. The guy can dance, sure. But three years ago, he also beat up his girlfriend Rihanna before this very awards show. There is photographic evidence of it. And yet people rallied behind Chris Brown. And the Grammys seems to think that not having him around for a couple of years is enough time for everyone to get over it so they can have him on again. But I am so upset to see what these girls are saying about violence against women. Inviting it, encouraging it, making light of it. I have thankfully never been a victim of violence, but in participating in The Vagina Monologues at Michigan State, I learned women's stories of violence not only in the monologues, but among the women who were in the cast with me. What could be a high profile example of why this violence shouldn't be tolerated or celebrated has derived into high school girls crushing on a guy so much that they are flat-out saying they wouldn't mind getting popped in the eye in order to be with a winner like Chris Brown. They should be ashamed of their ignorance.


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