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Really?! Urban Outfitters

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Growing up, people who wear glasses are called four-eyes, nerds, owl-faced... the names are endless.

Yet somehow the whole idea of thick-framed plastic glasses has transcended the geek vibe into something that is more artsy, refined, even retro.

As a glasses-wearing gal myself, I find it great that glasses are becoming more fashionable and acceptable as an accessory. But still, most of me can't wait until my eyes stop changing long enough to consider getting Lasik one day.

So it ultimately confuses me when people wear glasses when they don't in fact need to. What purpose do they serve? I've seen plenty of non-prescription frames at places like Claire's and other girly accessory stores, which I guess can be attributed to the fact that young girls are often in the midst of finding their identities and experimenting with their look.

But just today I saw someone post a webpage from Urban Outfitters' website for "Art School Readers" - black plastic frames that apparently make you look like a RISD grad for $14. My guess is that people from art schools already have their own pair of real glasses, ones that would make a non-glasses wearer dizzy to look through.

Is the tortured, cultured art student with kohl stains on his finger becoming a trend? Do we blame the hipsters who are so anti that they wear fake glasses when they don't need them?

So, Urban Outfitters, let me just say that I adore the fact you're getting into fox-themed trinkets, and you make any visit into your store or onto your website a fun, sometimes nostalgic for things from our past experience. Just please stop selling stereotypical art school frames and stick with the Wayfarer rip-offs your trendy but thrifty clientelle loves so darn much.

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