Tri-City Ghost Hunters Society of Michigan

CREATED Oct 18, 2013

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Are you feeling spooked this Halloween? Call the ghost busters of Michigan. 

The Tri-City Ghost Hunters Society (TCGHS) is a paranormal research team that was founded in Michigan in July 2009. Among the members of the group, there is more than 15 years experience with the paranormal. While TCGHS is based in the Tri-Cities, they enjoy researching other local locations and are thrilled to investigate out-of-state locations, even nationwide.

Historically, some of the places that they have conducted investigations are listed as the "scariest places on Earth." Some locations that they have visited include the Midland Cemetery, Bourbon Orleans Hotel, Historic Holly Hotel, Delta College, Fort Wayne in Detroit, MI, the Old Dundee Mill and many more. 

TCGHS has also had their fair share of personal experience dealing with the paranormal. From ghosts to spirits to orbs, they have collected a surplus of evidence via photographs, unexplainable videos and electronic voice phenomena. 

All investigations are confidential, unless otherwise noted, and 100% free of charge. TCGHS is a non-profit that is dedicated to research and preservation. Through their work, they seek to educate and help people in the community.

If you require investigation services, please send an e-mail to For more information about the true tales of the paranormal from a mid-Michigan team of expert investigators, visit TCGHS's Facebook and YouTube pages.