Common Ground 2013 Kick Off: Exclusive Interview with Boothby Graffoe

CREATED Jul 9, 2013

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Common Ground 2013 kicked off last night with a bang! Though the skies were looming with rain, it wasn't enough to dampen the spirit of the artists, bands and fans--especially Boothby Graffoe.

Boothby Graffoe is an English comedian, singer, and songwriter. He is known for his surreal sense of humor and work with the Barenaked Ladies. Some may call him an odd-ball, but fans surely seem to enjoy his comedic routine.

Boothby recently released his fifth album "Nomad" and has plans to start a new project following the tour with the Barenaked Ladies, Guster and Ben Folds Five.

Be sure to check out Boothby on his website here and follow him on Twitter @boobygraffoe.

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