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Fountain of Wellness

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Fountain of Wellness
535 N. Clippert St.
Lansing, MI 48912

(517) 989-0426

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Health and weight concerns were the motivating factors for members of the McCourtie and Ives families to get involved with a nutrition-based entrepreneurial effort. For Driscilla McCourtie, she wanted to lose weight and keep it off. “I was tired of Yo-Yo diets and their adverse affects on my health.”

“My wake-up call,” says Mark Ives, “was when my doctor couldn’t score my cholesterol levels because my triglycerides were off the chart. ‘Okay sis,’ I said to Dris, ‘what was it you were trying to tell me about nutrition?’”

Thus was laid the foundation for the Fountain of Wellness, Lansing’s premier Nutrition
Club at 535 N. Clippert (next to the Frandor Shopping Center; ½ block south of Saginaw
between the shopping center and US-127).

Become a Nutrition Club Member!

Becoming a Nutrition Club member is easy and inexpensive. Each Club Visit, during which a member is served a smoothie, tea and aloe, is less than $6 (even lower during “Happy Hour” Monday and Friday, as well as other special times); there is also a discount for multiple visits if paid in advance.  There is no charge for dropping in or calling to get an answer to a nutrition question.

Wellness coaching is free to Club members at Fountain of Wellness. Free workshops and social events are also offered.

Member Benefits

The Fountain of Wellness serves its members in two important ways: First, a Member Visit includes a healthy, complete-meal smoothie, along with an herbal tea and an aloe beverage. Smoothies are available in more than a dozen tasty flavors, some including fruit. Mark and Driscilla like to characterize the Club’s offerings as “Smart food for fast people!”  Second, a free wellness evaluation (as often as needed) and nutrition training are offered so that the member can make good choices elsewhere, whether at the grocery store or when eating out.

“Incidentally, a Member Visit for breakfast or lunch costs less than the average visit to
a fast-food establishment, but provides far better nutrition and many fewer calories!” explains Steve. “You’ll also avoid many of the other unhealthy aspects of fast foods.”  Although the Fountain of Wellness is a private club, potential-member walk-ins are welcome Monday - Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m., as well as 4 to 6 p.m. (“Happy Hour”) on Monday and Friday.

Get Healthy on the Inside

Basically, if you want to be more healthy (lose weight, get off medications with undesirable side effects, look better, etc.) you have got to be willing to make changes in your eating choices as well as lifestyle habits.

For most people, making small changes in what they eat and how much of particular foods they consume, can result in BIG changes in their health and weight levels. However, when it comes to health solutions, one-size does not fit all!  It is up to each person, with the assistance of a qualified wellness coach, to determine how the individual is going to modify eating habits, including tweaking favorite dishes, and deciding on better lifestyle options.

Eating Habits

In general, Americans have some of the worst eating habits in the world. The two factors governing meal choices for the majority of Americans, especially for breakfast and lunch, are
convenience and taste. How healthy a food may be is usually very low on the list for fast-paced Americans.

People who are overweight almost always have related health issues such as high blood pressure, excess cholesterol, elevated blood sugar levels, etc.  Even people who look great on the outside are not necessarily healthy on the inside.


Co-Owners of Fountain of Wellness

Mark Ives and Driscilla McCourtie

Grand Opening June 2011

Lansing, MI

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