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Capital Region International Airport

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On behalf of the Capital Region Airport Authority, WELCOME to Lansing, Michigan and the Capital Region International Airport. The airport is an important asset in our community and has a critical impact, $1 billion every year, on our regional economy. Hundreds of thousands of travelers use the airport each year to connect to the entire world through our major airlines. In addition to passengers, we service thousands of tons of air cargo annually, and we provide support for corporate and general aviation.

The Lansing region has a strong and diverse economy. Lansing is the home of the State Capitol and state government. Michigan State University is one of the world's leading research and academic institutions. General Motors has made a $3 billion investment in the newest, most technologically advanced vehicle assembly facilities in the world. The Lansing area manufactures more automobiles than any other area in the nation. Our region’s growth in the insurance and financial services sector is highlighted by the recent announcement of the new national headquarters ($182 million investment) for the Accident Fund Insurance Company of America.

Capital Region International Airport will continue to do everything in our power to service our customers and our communities in an innovative and effective manner. I am confident the airport will prove to be convenient, and offer competitively low airfares from airline partners. You'll find the airport offers easy check in, quick security screening lines, and low-cost parking close to the main terminal. We hope you will make the choice to use this website to book your next trip and FLY LANSING, It's Just Plane Easy.

Thank you for your continued support of Capital Region International Airport.

Inside The Airport

No Hassles, No Hurries.
Your Gateway to the World

From parking to checking baggage to grabbing a snack and catching your flight, everything about the Capital Region International Airport is refreshingly quick, convenient, and affordable.

We offer direct service to: Chicago O'Hare, Detroit, Minneapolis and Cancun.

Flights & Reservations

Almost every day there are many great deals on fares from Lansing to destinations around the world.

Book your next trip and save by departing from Capital Region International Airport.

Port Lansing

Port Lansing is mid-Michigan's only US Port of Entry that allows for goods and passengers to clear customs through US Customs & Border Protection.

What this means for businesses and the public is that they can now perform these significant functions locally without having to travel to congested metro hubs like Detroit and Chicago. Importing and exporting can now be done with local businesses, customs brokers, freight forwarders, logistics coordinators, etc., without the hassle of taking valuable time out of your busy day to travel.

Business Passengers

Close, Convenient, Affordable Travel.

Capital Region International Airport is pleased to serve the business, government, and academic institutions of Mid-Michigan.

Let us fulfill all of your business needs. Your success is vital to our community. We are here to support you!

Why Fly Lansing?

We're close, convenient and affordable!

Fly Lansing, and you'll enjoy:

* minimal drive time
* simple online booking
* plenty of parking
* easy check in & baggage claim
* no long lines
* on-time flights
* daily flights to major hubs and connections to the world
* a way to support your regional economy

Lansing vs. Detroit: 6 Things You Should Know

  1.  The additional cost of flying from Detroit rather than from Lansing adds an estimated $250 to the cost of a "low fare" ticket from Detroit.
  2.  The cost of driving to DTW alone adds between $100 and $125 to the round-trip cost of typical business flights.
  3. Airport parking is more than twice the cost in Detroit as in Lansing—$76 for a four-day trip to park in Detroit, compared to $34 for the cost of parking in Lansing, a difference of $42 more to park in Detroit.
  4. The time to get through airport security in Detroit typically takes twice as long as in Lansing.
  5. Business travelers should plan on adding almost 4 hours to their travel schedule when driving to Detroit to catch a flight.
  6. For business and professional travelers this lost productivity time that adds more than $100 to the round-trip cost, and this opportunity time is even more for highly compensated employees.

Capital Region International Airport

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