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Superior Services R.S.H.

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Trust The Roofing Experts With More Than 30 Years Experience.

Superior Services R.S.H., Inc., both a commercial and residential roofing contractor, has earned a reputation for providing quality service and roofing expertise.

We afford our clients the very best in product lines and roofing solutions. In an effort to stay current with the latest changes and developments in the “Green Building Environment,” our staff regularly participates in forums and additional training with organizations such as Green Roofs For Healthy Cities. The use of energy efficient, environmentally friendly components is an important priority in reducing green house gas emissions while, at the same time, reducing our collective impact on the planet. For this reason Superior Services participates in the “Roof2Roads” roof material recycling program at Crutchell Resource Recycling LLC.

Representing leading Flat Roof and Shingle Roofing system manufacturers, Energy Star rated Duro-Last sustainable roof systems, GAF Shingles and Carlisle’s Roof Garden. Many of these roof systems will qualify for LEED (Leadership in Energy Environmental Design) points. Our extensive knowledge of various roof systems allows us the ability to provide ROOF CONSULTING SERVICES to our clients. In addition, the ever increasing advances in PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Roofing Systems will eventually help reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

For ROOF REPAIRS, Superior Services R.S.H., Inc. offers over 35 years of experience in finding even the most elusive of roof leaks. We understand that repairs are often preferable to total replacement. We provide our clients with recommendations and cost effective solutions for all their roofing needs.

When it comes to Roofing, Superior Services R.S.H., Inc. has got you covered in Grand Rapids, Mount Pleasant, Lansing, East Lansing, Grand Ledge, Charlotte, St. Johns, Alma, Okemos, Ann Arbor, Jackson, Marshall, Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, Adrian, Waterford, Brighton, Howell or anywhere in between. We can provide you with impeccable service for roofing and siding.

In closing, we ask only that you evaluate for yourself, and learn why so many others have trusted Superior Services R.S.H., Inc. with their roofing investment. Let us show you how our roofs pay for themselves. Contact us now for a free roof evaluation and put our expertise to work for you.

GAF is now offering Lifetime Warranties on all architectural shingles!!

GAF has improved their shingle warranties on all their architectural shingles to be a Lifetime Warranty!

History of Our Roofing Expertise

Superior Services R.S.H., Inc. – with locations in Lansing, Michigan and Port St. Lucie, Florida, was established in 1975. It was started as a small family business and today, two generations of that family oversee a company that has grown to provide steep and low-slope roofing services to hundreds of clients. Over the years the company has continued to grow and evolve, testing new products and techniques to provide the highest quality roof systems available. In 1991 Superior Services, which had previously installed Built Up Roof (hot tar) and EPDM (rubber) roofs, became a dealer/contractor of the Duro-Last Roof System.

Over the past eighteen years Superior Services has installed over 11 million square feet of Energy Star rated Duro-Last and along the way earned numerous awards for quality workmanship and outstanding service. Superior Services is an “Elite” Contractor, a distinction bestowed by Duro-Last for only the highest quality installers.

In a continuing effort to provide the latest in sustainable roof technology, Superior Services is proud to have added Carlisle Syntec to our offerings. Carlisle’s “Roof Garden” System, in our opinion, provides one of the most comprehensive roof garden specifications in the industry. The JD Powers Association ranks Carlisle number one in customers’ satisfaction among commercial roofing system manufacturers. 

For the past 35 years, Superior Services has installed quality shingle roofs as well. In 2001, the company became a Master Elite Shingle Contractor of GAF. This distinction attained by fewer than three percent of all shingle installers, allows Superior Services to offer long term, full systems warranties from GAF, the largest manufacturer of roofing materials in North America. When it comes to shingles, Superior Services R.S.H., Inc. is not only Lansing’s roofer, but Michigan’s roofer as well.

Superior Services continues to promote the cool-sustainable roofing movement and is a member of the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, an organization committed to improving the environment and reducing our dependence on foreign energy. In our continuing effort to be a good corporate citizen, Superior Services promotes local and national efforts to reduce our collective negative impact on the planet. Superior Services recycles over 80% of its roofing and siding debris.

Professional Commercial Roofing in Lansing

Comprehensive Roof Evaluations

* Core Analysis of existing roof assembly. To determine deck type, insulation, moisture presence, and composition of existing roof.
* Insulation evaluation and thermal resistant requirements.
* Roof deck considerations and fastening methods, etc.
* Fastener pullout testing
* Wind Calculations (ASCE 7 protocol)
* Infrared Scan Services and Thermal Imaging
* Material Testing
* Life Cycle Cost Analysis
* Sustainable & Green Roof Design Services
* Roof System Comparisons, Evaluations, and Recommendations
* Detailed Proposals and Photo Analysis

General Roof Services:
* Client Emergency 24 hour Repair Services
* Leak Mitigation
* Complete Roof System Removal
* Roof Installations – New and Recover
* Deck Replacement and Repair
* Metal, Flashings, Coping, Edge Metals, and Gutter Systems
* Architectural Metals
* Restorative Coating and Sealants. Superior Services can purchase and install ERSystems manufactured materials and restoration systems.
* Snow and Ice Removal
* Preventative Maintenance Programs
* General Roof Top Maintenance
* Budget Evaluations and Recommendations

Residential Roofing

Comprehensive Roof Evaluations:

* Visual surface inspection to determine layers of roofing, deck inconsistencies, and flashing conditions.
* Ventilation analysis to determine adequate ventilation.
* Attic inspection: To determine venting, insulation condition, moisture invasion, and deck requirements.
* Detailed roofing proposals and warranties
* Real Estate Roof Evaluations

General Services:

* Complete and Roof System Removal
* Roof Installations – New and Recover
* Wide Variety of Shingle Types and Products
* Flashing Repairs
* Roof Maintenance
* Gutter Cleaning
* New Seamless Eavestroughing and Downspouts
* Ice and Snow Removal
* Residential Flat Roof Repairs and Replacement
* Walkable Flat Deck Roof Systems
* Restorative Coatings and Sealants

Emergency Services:

* 24 Hour On Call
* Temporary Repairs Due to Storm Damage
* Tarping
* Snow and Ice Removal From Roof Tops

Cool-Sustainable Roofs

Economic and Eco Friendly Roof Repair or Replacement

Cool Sustainable roof systems most recently referred to as High Performance Roofing or H.P.R. is the latest trend in roofing. Though not new, white PVC systems have been in use in Germany since the early 1960s.

The recent interest in the United States and elsewhere to conserve energy, reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve the overall quality of our environment have been the leading factors driving this trend.

Superior Services R.S.H., Inc. recognized these benefits early on. In 1991 our affiliation with Energy Star certified Duro-Last Roof Systems began. Duro-Last, a white CPE reinforced, single ply roof membrane, is indeed a Cool Roof. Its reflective qualities (95% initially) dramatically reduced the heat island effect of every building it was installed on. This benefit was directly realized by the building owners in lower energy costs. By dramatically reducing the roof top temperatures around the HVAC units, and lowering temperatures to the building’s interior, less energy is needed for cooling purposes.

The five E’s of High Performance Roofing, Energy, Environment, Endurance, Economics, and engineering, are easily met by products such as Duro-Last.

In a continuing effort to research technological advances in roofing, Superior realized that no one roof system could meet the challenges of every roof condition. Therefore, Superior represents Carlisle Syntec and IB Systems as well, both of which are also Energy Star certified. Our affiliation with these three manufacturers allows us the unique opportunity to provide premium sustainable roof solutions for virtually any roof condition.

Contact us for more information on how Superior Services R.S.H., Inc. can reduce your energy costs as well as your environmental impact.



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