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Passion & Persistence

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Have you ever completed a task and been surprised with the end results? 

Life and running parallel each other. In life, we are constantly building our networks, learning to grow, and working hard toward something---whether that be in a relationship or in a job. As runners, we are constantly building our core and aerobic bases, learning the limitations of our bodies, and working to be the most efficient on the road.

In order to be successful in both life and running, you have to remember, what I like to call, the two "P"s: passion & persistence. 

Without passion you have nothing--no drive, no yearning, no will. 

Without persistence you have nothing--no growth, no learning, no pay-off. 

Yesterday, as I sat on the couch not wanting to run 4 miles, I asked myself, "Why do you run?"

I quickly answered, "I run because I am passionate about it."

I run to spend time with God, to see His creation, to feel the sweat drip from my forehead, to feel the cool breeze against my skin. I run to see the beauty in life.

I run to challenge myself, to test my limits, to keep pushing ahead and through the pain. 

As comfy as the couch was, and as lazy as I was feeling, I laced up my shoes, put on my shades, and headed out the door. Those 4 miles flew by. I looked down at my watch and was shocked. I knew I felt good during the run, but not that good. The times reflected everything that I have been working toward the past couple of weeks. My average pace for 4 miles was 8:09 min/mi. After going back through my running log, my minute per mile times were: 8:27 (the first mile is always a lie), 8:05, 8:07 and 7:57. It felt good to see those low numbers. 


I have 3 miles at an easy pace to complete tonight, followed by a rest day, and 7 miles this weekend. The mileage is beginning to creep up! 


Yours in running with passion & persistence, 




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